Innovate Is The Construction Sector Difficult, But Possible

In the construction sector, as in other business areas, innovation occurs thanks to the unstoppable development of our society. It is a kind of ecosystem that feeds on itself: the ambition to improve has a direct impact on the welfare and security of the community, and society, as it develops and benefits from it, is increasingly concerned that all its mechanisms are more efficient, encouraging and rewarding innovation. The evolution of society in general and of construction, in particular, is a reality, and change, its origin or one of its consequences.
With new products and new ways of building, new requirements are met (higher demands for quality, greater comfort, etc.), but proposals are also made that modify the habits of society.
In this social process that is innovation, all the agents of the sector, manufacturers, construction companies, engineering, technicians, etc. are involved, but their success is determined by the specific policies of Governments and Public Administrations, which from their position can and should promote innovation: innovation requires research, and agents are needed to evaluate change, for innovation to develop, and to guarantee innovative products and construction procedures.

Therefore, evaluating innovation, researching materials scientifically, has become a necessity for the development not only of construction but also of society itself.

Innovate In Times Of Crisis

The factors that most affect the construction sector and provide companies with the opportunity to innovate, in addition to new technologies are, above all, regulations and changes in the market. The enormous influence that the public sector has, since the State is the one that invests the most in construction, has traditionally caused an industry susceptible to economic changes: in periods of economic prosperity it has been the significant beneficiary, and whenever it has been produced a financial crisis in our country, has been much damaged.

It is a fact that, although innovation is an advantage for the entire construction sector and for society itself, the cost of innovating is only within reach of medium or large companies, and in situations of economic crisis as brutal as the current one. Only the most competitive companies can survive, not only by offering higher quality products but also because in these situations it is when more solvency is required.